What is special interest group?

The TiDB project is organized primarily into Special Interest Groups (SIG). Each SIG is comprised of members from multiple companies and organizations, with a common purpose of advancing the project with respect to a specific topic, such as Parser/Expression/Planner.


Our goal is to enable a distributed decision structure and code ownership, as well as providing focused forums for getting work done, making decisions, and onboarding new contributors.


Every identifiable subpart of the project (e.g., github org, repository, subdirectory, API, test, issue, PR) is intended to be owned by some SIG.


For more details about sig governance, you can read this doc sig governance. And if you are new to tidb, and want to find a sig to start, this contribution mapfor sig may be helpful.

All Special Interest Groups

membersCount 85
Docs SIG covers the documentation of all PingCAP products, tools, or projects, both in English and in Chinese.
Execution SIG covers TiDB execution implementations.
SIG-Migrate covers migration, replication, synchronization and transmission of data into and out of the TiDB ecosystem.
membersCount 30
K8s SIG covers the TiDB Products on Kubernetes and Docker.
SQL-Infra SIG is generally an interest group that focuses on: SQL statement parsing,Management of metadata in SQL layer,Sessions,Server,Privileges,Plugins,Config & variables and Charset & collation.
Planner SIG covers TiDB planner/statistics implementations.
We focus on improving the diagnosability and observability of TiDB core components (TiDB, TiKV and PD).
membersCount 12
TiUP SIG covers the development of TiUP.
BigData SIG covers the areas where TiDB and big data are combined, including but not limited to TiDB + Flink, TiDB + Spark, TiDB + Presto.
There is no description of sig - sig-postgresql
membersCount 3
Web SIG focus on website development around tidb.
Community-Infra SIG covers the development of ti-community-infra.