Maintainers are the planners and designers of the TiDB project, with the authority to merge branches into the master. Maintainers come from Committers. They must demonstrate both good judgment and responsibility towards the sustained development and overall health of the TiDB project.

How to become a Maintainer

  • Demonstrated a deep and comprehensive understanding of TiDB's technical goals and directions
  • Must be Committer for at least 2 SIGs
  • Actively involved in organizing technical seminars and proposing or reviewing major technical designs
  • Can handle complex problems in the code implementation process
  • Nominated by and obtained supermajority votes from the PMC

Privileges and responsibilities

  • Develop and approve technical design and decisions for TIDB projects
  • Set the technical directions and priorities for SIG projects
  • Participate in product releases and roadmap development of the project
  • Continuously contribute to the project by mentoring Reviewers and Committers
  • Ensure the overall quality of the TiDB project

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